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NSW GTD$30,000 State Champs


Sunday 24th March 2019: St Marys Band Club, 411 Great Western HWY, St Marys NSW 2760

March State Champs Qualifiers List

APL Illawarra goes 1 and 2 at State Champs!

It was first and second place to APL Illawarra as Jackson Whitelock and Daniel Murray from the host region took out the $30,000 NSW State Champs at The Builders Club in Wollongong. A total of 365 players turned up at one of the final chances to win one of the ten entries into this year’s APL Million. As the long grind of the game took its toll on some of the players our final 10 players who won entry into the APL Million were from all around NSW. When we were down to three players they all agreed on an adjustment to the cash payouts and played from then on. As the heads up battle between the two locals was short and sweet. Jackson and Daniel wanted the APL Illawarra mascot George to share the triumph of the region. Thanks to everyone who came down for the weekend and had a wonderful time. Best of luck to all players who have qualified for the APL Million at the Star, commencing this coming weekend.


Sunday 28th April 2019: North Ryde RSL, 27-41 Magdala Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113

Sunday 19th May 2019: Rooty Hill RSL, 55 Sherbrooke Rd, Rooty Hill NSW 2766

Sunday 23rd June 2019: Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL, 20-26 Canterbury Rd, Hurlstone Park NSW 2193

Sunday 14th July 2019: West Leagues Leumeah, 10 Old Leumeah Rd, Leumeah NSW 2560


All events are 10am rego with 11am start. Late rego until 1.00pm.  Single-flight event.



The NSW State Champs is a monthly event. It is partnered up with the NSW $50,000 Pro Open as a $80,000 Special Event weekend.



The NSW State Champs will be run as a single flight event with a T20,000 start bank. There will be top-ups at registration ONLY.

  • Top-up: $25 top-up at registration available for an extra T30,000
  • 20 minute blind levels post heats for the duration of the event
  • Blinds will NOT be capped



Qualification for the NSW State Champs is as follows;

  • Place 1st (win) any nightly APL or 888PL* event
  • Place 2nd in any nightly APL or 888PL* event with 40+ players
  • Place 3rd in any nightly APL or 888PL* event with 80+ players
  • Play 15+ APL/888PL* games in the preceding month

Players with multiple qualifications will have the ability to transfer their additional tickets in accordance with the transfer stipulations below.

Transfer Stipulations:

  • Transferees of additional qualifications must complete a Transfer Card and register with the owner of the qualification. 
  • All transferees must be APL or 888PL members. 
  • Once a player with multiple qualifications registers there will be no opportunity to transfer any additional qualifications at a later time.  
  • The sale of additional qualifications for profit is prohibited.  Any member found to be engaging in the sale or purchase of additional qualifications for profit will not be permitted to play in the event and may have their membership of the league cancelled.



This event will offer a GTD $30,000 PRIZE POOL.

  • $20,000 of the prize pool will be funded by Full House Group (FHG). The remaining balance will be made up from add-ons on the event day. Should the add-ons not meet the guarantee, FHG will meet any shortfall. Any additional money over and above the $30,000 guarantee will be added ON TOP of the prize pool.
    • Ten(10) X 2019 APL Million seats valued at $1,500 each (Total $15,000)
    • $15,000 CASH MINIMUM – any funds collected totalling over $30,000 prize pool ,via add-ons, will be ADDED ON TOP of the prize pool in either cash and/or prizes.
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